The 20th anniversary edition of the premiere anthology of international literature, Two Lines: Landmarks, features two of Curtis' translations of Spanish poet Andrés Navarro's poems: "The Present" and "Senhor do Bonfim."   More information on the book & ordering it is available here.
Curtis has published three new translations of Jorge Gimeno's poems in Waxwing, a literary journal promoting the tremendous cultural diversity of contemporary American literature, alongside international voices in translation.  You may read these poems and visit Waxwing by clicking on the links...
"...we have to start somewhere that is familiar with all of us, or that can be. And that’s what the “real” or “literal” is, a kind of common ground that allows us to start a conversation. The joy for me, and one of the things that interests me the most in poetry, is how that conversation can lead...
32poems Weekly Prose Feature: "The Written Line Perceived as a Drawing: An Interview with Curtis Bauer" by Emilia Philips, featuring an excerpt from The Real Cause For Your Absence (C&R Press, 2013). Click the link to read the interview
"Lines Regarding The Black Feathers On Canton" appears in the on-line Dispatches section of The Common Literary Journal. Click the link to read the poem.