Three poems from Baghdad and Other Poems, by By Jorge Gimeno, translated by Curtis are now available on M--DASH. You may read them here:
Curtis Bauer's translation of Juan Antonio González Iglesias's poems Eros is More has been released from Alice James Books.  Aracelis Girmay says of the collection: "Contemplative and utterly sensual, Bauer’s translation of Eros Is More stands at the brink of oblivion with such tenderness,...
"This weekend the sun came out in Seville and suddenly, as if spring has been around for weeks but hidden behind rain and clouds, there’s green and budding everywhere. The kid upstairs has been stomping back and forth in her new shoes. I’ve never seen that kid, but due to the way the apartment is...
Juan Antonio González Iglesia Translated by Curtis Bauer was featured on The Common. Read the poems here.
PALABRAS: Dispatches from THE FESTIVAL DE LA PALABRA is a collection of new short fiction that displays aesthetically diverse and remarkable voices from the Americas and Iberia.  The book features "The Flies" by José Manuel Fajardo, translated by Curtis Bauer.  Learn more about the collection here.